Mississippi Writes Original (MWO)



The Bay St. Louis Little Theatre Presents…

Mississippi Writes Original



One-Act Originals by Mississippi Playwrights

March 23 – April 1, 2018




The Bay St. Louis Little Theatre announces a Call for Submissions of original one-act plays written by Mississippi residents. Works may be submitted from October 28 to November 30, 2017. The four (4) final selections will be announced by January 10, 2018. The BSLLT/MWO Repertory Actors will begin rehearsals early in 2018.  The show will feature the collection of selected plays presented each night of “The Annual Tennessee Williams’ Tribute:  Mississippi Writes Original” scheduled for March 23, 24, 25, 30, 31, and April 1.

The event is dedicated to original Mississippi drama.  Submit your original dramatic one-act for the opportunity to join the BSLLT in celebrating the creative and inspiring writings of our state’s writing talent.

The performances will be followed by a “Chat-with-the-Cast” experience where the writers of the performances will join the directors, cast, and crew for an extended interaction with the audience.  Refreshments will be provided.



October 28 – November 30, 2017   –   Submissions accepted

October 28 – November 30  –   submissions accepted

November 30 – December 30   –   review process concluded and works selected

January 10 – March 10   –   consultations with the playwrights

January 11   –   casting and rehearsal schedules begin

March 23, 24, 25, 30, 31, April 1   –   Mississippi Writes Original  presented at BSLLT (the four selected one-acts presented each night.)




  • Only the works of Mississippi residents are eligible for final selection. Must provide proof of residency if requested (ex. driver’s license.)
  • Only original, previously unpublished, and previously unperformed works are eligible for selection.
  • Only three (3) submissions by the same writer are permitted for submission. Each submission requires a separate entry fee.
  • Co-writer’s (two or more writers) works are acceptable where other eligibility requirements are met.
  • Writers whose works are selected must be able to attend the event on one of the show dates. Notification of the date of attendance must be given by March 10, 2018.

*Important – Writers must copy and submit with their signature the following understanding:

“I understand that changes in script and set may occur if necessary for stage or cast requirements. The intent of the content will not change. Direction, casting, and production decisions will be made under the guise of the BSLLT.”

Writer Signature____________________




(1) Insight – substance of content, whether educational or cultural or psychological, etc.

(2) Creativity – innovative or original perspective, story-line, character interplay, issue-dynamics, etc.

(3) Craft – artistic command of large and small aspects of the work.

(4) Economy – cast-size, sets, costumes, props requirements, play time, etc.

(5) Engagement  attraction and/or entertainment power, maintenance of attention.

(6) “Mississippi” – Mississippi-centric (people, issues, culture, situations, etc.)

(7) No musicals and no children’s (casting of mostly children) productions will be acceptable.

(8) Only the first 50 works submitted will be eligible for selection.


Selection-Criteria Notes:

  • Involvement of Mississippi history, folklore, culture, creativity, people, etc., is strongly encouraged.
  • Performance-production will essentially be minimalistic, if not entirely abstract, in respect to set, costumes, sound, etc.
  • Cast-size: 5 maximum, with 2-3 encouraged
  • Page/Word-limit: Open (30-page maximum suggested.)
  • Time-limit: 20-25 minutes maximum for total run-time is ideal; slightly longer (30-35 minutes) and, of course, shorter submissions will be considered.


Selection-Process Notes:

  • The selection-committee consists of seven (7) accomplished artists and leaders from the Bay St. Louis Little Theatre and Bay St. Louis community.
  • Writing original work for actors and audiences as diverse as Mississippi itself, writers of any age, race, creed, religion, sex, or other significantly distinguishing characteristic, and from any region within Mississippi, are strongly encouraged to submit their original work for consideration.
  • Submissions that serve to promote or celebrate (etc.) any evidently racist, sexist, vulgar, violent, or similarly dehumanizing themes or positions (etc.) will not be considered
  • Submissions are reviewed and selected on the basis of their dramatic content through a “blind-review” process guided by the selection-criteria. Submissions are distributed to the selection committee by numeric and title designation, i.e., without their cover pages.




  • All entries must be typewritten, minimum of 10-point font.
  • All entries must be e-submitted in the standard word-document formats: .doc or .docx.
  • All entries should be submitted with the 1st page as a COVER PAGE that provides:

(1) Writer name(s)  – if pen name is used, legal name must also be included.

(2) Writer(s) residential address(es).

(3) Writer(s) contact information – phone & email address(es).

(4) Title of work.

(5) Page and word count of the work (excluding the Cover Page content).

(6) Creative Statement (250 words or less): why the work was written; its primary insight(s); its appeal- and/or engagement factor(s).

  • Writer name(s) must NOT appear on the submitted work after page 1.
  • Pages 2+ of the entry should consist of the work itself, with:

(1) Title at the top-center of page 2.

(2) Cast List (names required; descriptors optional) underneath this title on page 2.

(3) Title of the play and page number clearly delineated at top-right on Page 2 and all following pages.

  • Note: Beyond these requirements, formatting of the work itself (pages 2+) need not follow any particular style or convention, but it should minimally be clear, coherent, and consistent.




  • Submit works electronically to MWO@bsllt.org before midnight on November 30, 2017

Only electronic submissions are accepted; i.e., no hard-copy or “paper” submissions will be reviewed

< Input “MWO Submission” into Subject Line

< ATTACH works (in .doc or .docx form) to the email: do NOT paste into the body of the email

  • Submit $10.00 entry fee for each work submitted before midnight on November 30, 2017, in one of the two following ways:

(1) By credit card or Paypal:

Title of your work:

< Include the TITLE of your submitted work with your payment

(2) By check to: Bay St. Louis Little Theatre / ATTN: MWO / 398 Blaize Avenue / Bay St. Louis, MS  39520

     < Pay to the order of: “Bay St. Louis Little Theatre”

     < Write the TITLE of your submitted work on the check